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Bone and joint health is needed throughout the course of your life, so that you can live each life stage to the full. Chirogenix is a range of healthcare supplements available exclusively through registered chiropractors. Our range includes Advanced Joint Care, Multi-Vitamin and Omega 3, with a focus on bone and joint health, to help provide your body with the support, protection and mobility it needs to allow you to stay happy and active.

Over time, the health of your bones and joints deteriorates. It might be that you want to maintain an active lifestyle, but aches and pains in the knees and other joints make it painful to run or even just to walk. The cartilage in these joints may have worn down over the years. Cartilage also forms your tendons (which join muscle to bone) and ligaments (which join muscle to muscle) so it’s important that you keep the body’s cartilage in working order. In extreme cases, patients have to resort to cortisone or anti-inflammatory drug injections, or even joint replacement surgery. Healthy bones and joints give you a strong foundation for protection against age-related deterioration, allowing you to stay mobile and independent. Specialised bone and joint supplements help strengthen and protect bones, and provide relief from pain and inflammation. Taking a joint supplement regularly may spare you the pain (and cost) of all these other drastic procedures – allowing your body to produce new cartilage in the joints, or to produce more of the naturally-occurring lubricants in your joints.